Qualifing Statement
Important - Customer information and data protection statement.

In assessing your application, we will make enquiries about you including searching your records held by Equifax and/or Experian (or any other credit reference agency from time to time) and checking your details with CIFAS (or any other fraud prevention agency from time to time). The credit reference and fraud prevention agencies will keep records of our search. Your records with the credit reference and fraud prevention may also be searched by lenders to whom we submit your application for finance .You consent to us disclosing details of your application to such lenders and credit reference and fraud prevention agencies. Any lender with whom you complete a formal contract will disclose details to such agencies of how you conduct your agreement with them. This information may be used to help the lender and other organisations assess the financial risks of dealing with you, to help prevent or detect fraud or other crimes and recover debts and for statistical analysis about credit and about fraud.

If you give us false or inaccurate information and either we or any lender to whom your application is submitted, suspect fraud we and/or they will record this. On the basis that your information is kept confidential we may at any time give your information to service providers and agents, other lenders or brokers who may be able to lend to you or offer debt advice if we decline your application and to anyone who has a legal right to require disclosure of your information. If you request Payment Protection Insurance, information about you will be passed to the Insurer who accepts your proposal (such Insurer will be nominated by the lender to whom your application is submitted) in order for them to be able to arrange and administer the requested plan and for the purposes of underwriting, claims handling and fraud prevention (which could include passing details to other insurers). You have a right to ask for a copy of your information if you apply to us in writing and to ask us to delete or correct any information we may hold about you that is wrong.

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