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How do I become a Approved Castle Credit Dealer?

You must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, but why not contact our office and speak to one of our experienced members of staff. Here at Castle Credit we have a number of products available to you and your customers that could make a deal become possible.

We all understand at the moment negative equity can become a real headache. We have a unique product available that enables us to lend up to 200% of Glasses Guide retail!! So even if your customer has major negative equity we can still help plus we can finance any add on's too.

We have a wide range of products available to suit your customers needs and we also have a wide range of lenders available from Prime to Sub prime so can hopefully help with as many cases as we can. We are here to help you change your DECLINES TO ACCEPTS!!

We can also help with more obscure cases that your main stream lenders won’t look at. How many times have you been frustrated because your main lenders have declined an application just because the customer is a provisional driver? That’s not all we can help with. Listed below is an idea of the more unique customers we can finance:-

  1. No Driving Licence
  2. Provisional Driving & EU Licence holders
  3. Homemakers
  4. Carers / Foster Carers
  5. Taxi Drivers
  6. UK residents who have been here for less than 3 years
  7. Retired people
  8. CCJ's / Defaults / IVA's
  9. New start companies
  10. Negative equity (Up to 200% GGRV)
  11. All Applicants must be over 18 years of age

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